That Old Barn
Flea Market & Collectables 
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That Old Barn is Flea Market & Collectables
is open by chance or by appointment. What does that mean? Well, you can call and make an appointment for a convenient time to insure I will be here, or you can just drop by anytime Mon-Fri, 10a-4p to shop, I am here just about all the time and will most likely be here to open up for you. (601) 596-4661.


That Old Barn On Facebook

Please click the above lnk and visit us on Facebook. Check our status for information on new inventory or special sales events. We would very much appreciate you taking the time to "Like" and "Follow" That Old Barn. You can ask about specific items, pricing or just whatever is on you mind. We look forward to "Friending" you and establishing a relationship with our customers. Your comments will be much appreciated. You can let us know about specific items you are looking for so we can be on the look out when we venture out for new inventory. By the way, all our inventory is subject to negotiation. No matter what an item is priced you are welcome to make an offer. We will carefully consider any reasonable offer so don't hesitate to haggle, however there may be some items on consignment hat are not negotiable. 
Thank You! 

Belong to an organization or group! You can schedule an appointment for members to shop exclusively at That Old Barn. Just call and schedule a time for a Members Only shopping experience! Can't wait to hear from you!

Do you have items you need to sell? Is your garage or closet full of stuff you haven't seen or used in years?
We take Consigments! That Old Barn Flea Market & Collectables will take you items on consigment and sell them for you. Typically consignment items are priced and sold with a 50/50 split between the consigner and That Old Barn, but we are open to other arrangements depending to the specific item.

That Old Barn also has
booth, table and shelf space available for rental!  If you would like to personally sell your items drop by and see what we have available. Rental prices vary depending on your specific needs.   


Now Available, That Old Barn Mugs, Caps and Totebags! 

Take a look at these one of a kind items that will let everyone know That Old Barn Flea Market & Collectables is your favorite shopping place!

Mugs: $12
Caps: $15
Tote Bag: $20
We understand these items are priced in the higher range for similiar items, but manufacturing costs are high for lower quantities.  As we sell more and purchase larger amounts we will be able to lower our prices. We hope you will still take advantage of these unique items that say with pride you are a That Old Barn customer and enjoy the shopping experience we provide. If you purchase with PayPal it is assumed you want your purchase shipped and there will be an addition charge of $5 for USPS priority shipping. Of course there is no shipping cost if you pick one up at That Old Barn. Thank You! 
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