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Don’t let cherished memories fade away. Memories Media Restoration can revive precious family photos and treasured music collections.  Lets us bring your memories of yesterday into the digital Age.  Damaged photos, whether faded, stained, torn, missing pieces, faded color, or water damaged, can be restored to vivid detail. We can remove people or combine them from separate photos. We can add tint, sepia, color effects, or just make copies. Don’t leave your special memories stored away when Memories can put them on CD to view on your TV or PC, or on a DVD slide show with music, narration and effects to share with family and friends. Memories can also restore and convert your old VHS movies to a DVD with music, menus and chapters that let you go directly to all your favorite scenes. Prices are based upon your individual needs. Call Memories Media Restoration for a quote today.

And don’t forget that old music you love that can’t be replaced.  Memories can bring your old vinyl albums, 45’s, 8-tracks, cassettes, and reel-to-reel tapes into the digital age. Memories will convert them to CD, MP3, WMA or any format you choose. You can be listening to all your favorite tunes again today!    

Memories can even make digital copies of important documents and create a photo or video inventory of your household possessions for insurance purposes.  We can photograph your items, record serial numbers, location, and fair market value, organize them all by name, category, or location, and put on a CD or DVD to store in a safe place. References and examples are available upon request.   











Don't let your precious photos, videos, or music fade from memory when Memories Media Restoration can breathe new life into them. It's a digital world and you can enjoy all of your favorite memories today! Just give us a call at (601) 596-4661 or email


Yesterday's Memories + Today's Technology = Tomorrow's Keepsake!

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