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About Us

That Old Barn is the venture of Glenn and Becky Blount.  We hope to establish a business for our golden years that will allow us to remain close to our home and enjoy our retirement.


That Old Barn is a combination of several ideas and dreams shared between Becky and I through the years.  We hope to establish That Old Barn as a Flea Market and expand it to include some of our others ideas and dreams. To see some other Services we offer check out My Lovin' Oven and  Memories DMS. To see some of the items we have for sale just click on our Items For Sale to enter our online store.

That Old Barn will be open on select days and times as we are available.  Becky and I currently work full time, but are working towards the time we can retire and make That Old Barn the sole object of all our efforts. For now be sure to check our schedule on our Home page.

That Old Barn is located on the corner of Hwy 589 and Whiddon Road.  The street address is 8 Blount Road, Purvis MS 39475.  But don't let that throw ya.  Just follow these here direcshuns.

From the west side of Hattiesburg take Hwy 98  West to Bellevue, turn left onto Hwy 589.  After a little over 7 miles you will come to an uphill curve.  At the top of the hill you'll see a "Cooper Mattress Factory" sign on the right. Continue down the hill and just before the bridge turn left onto Whiddon Road.  Our drive is immediately on the left.  You'll see the "Blount road sign. Just drive on past the house and you'll see That Old Barn.

From the south side of Hattiesburg take Hwy 11 South to Purvis.  Turn right onto Hwy 589 and go about 7 miles. Look for Peace Ridge Baptist Church on the right.  A little further down on the right you'll see the Volunteer Fire Station.  After that, look for the bridge at the bottom of the hill.  Just over the bridge turn right onto Whiddon Road and immediately left into our drive. You'll see the "Blount" road sign. Drive on past the house and right on up to That Old Barn.

Of course we welcome you to come by from any direction. If you need more help with our  location you can check out the map on our Contact Us page.

We ain't sactly sure about the how part yet. We'll just have to figure it out as we go.  But we are determined to make a go of it. With the Lord's help we aughta do just fine. If you'd like more information or just want to say hello, drop us a line on our Contact Us page or just email

For the past thirteen years, Becky and I have dreamed of owning our own business. Something to keep us busy in our golden years and let us stay near the home we've built together. That Old Barn is the first step to making our dreams a reality. We ain't retired yet so That Old Barn is just startn' out. But we hope to grow our business into all we've imagined it to be. We are committed to makin' That Old Barn a business you can count on. We believe hard work and an honest reputation is the recipe for success. We sure hope ya'll  come on out to That Old Barn and help make our dreams come true.

God Bless,

Glenn & Becky Blount

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (601) 596-4661

We look forward to hearing from you!

    Our Baby Zoe

Zoe is a loyal and devoted companion, but is
as stubborn as a mule. She's probably the only chihuahua to ever be kicked out of obedience school. However, she has her mom and dad trained very well. Her bark is definitely worse than her bite. She is quite content to bark and growl from around the corner a safe distance. 


That Old Barn is primarily a flea market, but we hope it will be a fun and interesting shopping experience.  We'll have free hot coffee and most mornings Becky's will have a nice selection of her warm home made bread for your enjoyment at a very reasonable price.

We currently offer rental space for arts & crafts and other flea market items. We have open and secure areas with electricity if needed. We also sell on consignment for 30% to 50% of the asking price.   Terms and pricing will be agreed upon and confirmed by written contract prior to sale. To check out some of the items we have for sale go to our
Items For Sale page.

Eventually, we want to make That Old Barn available as a rental space for parties, meetings, and reunions, etc., offering lite catering.  Becky is a great cook!  In fact, we would like to share some of our other talents. Check out My Lovin' Oven and Memories DMS on our Services page. If you're interested in what we have for offer or would like more information, just use our Contact Us page or send us an email or call (601) 596-4661.

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